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Clinica HERA is located in the dream city of EMPURIABRAVA, the Catalan Venice. Closely surrounded by sea water and luxury yachts, this is an island of beauty and health. The aim of our international team (Belgium, Russia, France, Spain, Bulgary) is to associate the most actual worldwide scientific knowledge to a large medical experience in order to create the necessary skills that can allow our acute sense of humanity and beauty to help you in resolving quite any aesthetic problem and to take the best care of you.

2 samples

  • Botulinic toxin

    If the wrinkles are very deep, the doctor will choose between several treatments: a Botulinic toxin injection or a fillers injection or both.Their methods can be proposed from mesotherapy up to surgical face lifting.

  • Breast Augmentation

    Breast augmentation is designed to increase breast size using implants. Various implants can be used from fat injections, to hyaluronic acid injectable implant and several types of synthethic breast implants. Depending on the individual characteristics of the patient, the surgeon selects one of three types of access for breast augmentation: under the breasts - around the nipple - in the armpit as well as the location of the implant.

Our Team

  • “Dr. Ph. Deprez - CEO Doctor” View the career.
    Dr. Ph. Deprez- CEO Doctor
  • “Dr Eugenia Ranneva - Specialist in aesthetic medicine, doctor ” View the career.
    Dr Eugenia Ranneva

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